Draw Something 2

After the success of the game Draw Something, Zynga Inc. has released its much awaited sequel Draw Something 2. If you enjoyed playing the first version, you will love this one even better because of its great new features.

Getting To Know Draw Something 2

Download and install the app on your device to start using it. It is available for free from the App Store. You have the option to log in using your e-mail or your Facebook account. If you decide to login with your Facebook account, the app will access the basic information on your profile, as well as the list of friends on your account. You will be given a tutorial upon logging in, which will tell you the basics of the game. Once done, you can start playing on your own.

Tap on My Games to create a new game. This will also show the list of games that are waiting for your turn, as well as the games you submitted that are waiting for the other player’s turn. You can select a friend from Facebook, from your contact list or if you know the username, you can also search for it to play with that person. There is also an option to play with a random player. You will be given three words to choose from, which has corresponding coin awards. Choose which of the words you would like to draw.


There is an option to see more words though you need to use your stars for this. After selecting the word to draw, you will get the summary screen that contains the name of the other player, the word you are drawing and the coins that you and the other player will earn if he gets it correctly. You will earn the same number of coins if he guesses the correct answer. Use the different drawing tools to draw your word. Click the submit button once done. The other player will guess the word and once done, it will be his turn to draw and your turn to guess.

The Daily Guess will let you earn extra coins by guessing the picture of the day correctly. Playing the game for five consecutive days will also earn you coins for the first, second and third day and stars for the last two days. You can check the drawings made by other players on the gallery, as well as your own drawings. You can also tap on the new button if you want to practice drawing on the app.

Game Currency

There are two currencies in the game. The main currency is gold coins, which can be earned when you or the other player guess the correct word for the drawing. As mentioned, you can also earn this by playing the Daily Guess and using the app daily. The premium currency of the game is the star, which can be earned by completing objectives and if you played for four to five consecutive days. These can be used for purchasing new drawing tools and colors, which have their corresponding costs.

3 thoughts on “Draw Something 2

  1. Yesterday I bought the spray can feature. 200 stars were immediately deducted. There is no evidence yet that I have any spray can feature… please resolve.

    I posted this comment, received an immediate alert that It was a duplicate, but it hasn’t shown up. If it does, will anyone reply?

  2. Why do I run out of ink so fast? Sometimes I barely get started and im our of ink but yet I see hundreds of other drawings have much more content in them and they get to finish. Why does it seem to always crash or not send my drawing when I am especially doing the daily draw. Forcing to just draw a poor picture because im afraid of wasting a few more hours for a drawing that didnt send. I am very dissapointed in this app. I even have the paid version and I think it got worse after buying it.

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